On this trip you will fish for scampi with Captain Šime in Velebit canal. You will be fishing with pots so on this trip you will see all, from how the pot looks to how to fish with them.
Your trip starts at 8 am. After the welcome drink you will head to the pots. At this time Captain Šime will serve you breakfast which is cheese, ham and marinated anchovies with olive oil, all homemade from local producers.

After breakfast you will be ready for fishing. While you are watching, Captain Šime will haul 30 pots and tell you everything about scampi.
Then, you will go to find a nice beach on island Pag. There we will anchor the boat and go for swimming and snorkeling (mask and snorkels on boat). Around 13:00 Captain Šime will prepare lunch, there is a grill on board and you will be having scampi and tuna.
You will find water, apple juice and beer in the boats freeze box.
This trip is child friendly so please feel safe to bring kids. Please, contact Captain Šime regarding lifejacket size.

Don’t leave home without sunglasses, sunblock (non-spray), bottled water, and a hat. Drinks are included, free of charge. Alcohol is allowed in moderation, just be sure to avoid hard liquor as well as glass bottles.

Now, come aboard with Scampi Fishing Trip and get hooked!

PRICE: 350 € for 2 people, 450 € for 3 people, 550 € for 4 people

FREQUENCY: on request

About Šime

Hello, I'm Šime, captain of the fishing boat Roza. Welcome to a trip that will show you the charms of commercial scampi fishing in the beautiful Velebit canal.

As a child, I grew up in Barić Draga, a place located right in this canal, and I was a passionate fisherman from an early age. I started fishing with my father when I was 6 years old, and later I turned to spearfishing. My love for fishing led me into commercial diving, which I did for 13 years. Because of my great love for my hometown, I wanted to stay in Barić Draga more often, and that's why I decided to buy a boat and a license, and since 2021 I've been engaged in commercial fishing.

Our goal on this trip is to hunt for Nephrops Norvegicus, a scampi (langoustine) that is one of the tastiest and most valuable culinary foods. Fishing for scampi with pots/creels in the Velebit canal is a traditional activity of this region, and this method of fishing is sustainable and selective. This means that we release smaller specimens and only scampi of appropriate size are caught, thus maintaining the scampi population. Also, the pots we use do not damage the seabed, so it can be said that this method of fishing is also environmentally friendly.

During the trip, we will show you what the scampi fishing pots look like and how fishing is done in practice. This trip is ideal for anyone who wants to learn something new about traditional fishing and enjoy delicious local specialties and the beauty of nature, from the beautiful mountain Velebit above us and the island of Pag below us, crystal clear sea and interesting bays for resting and swimming. See you on boat Roza!

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